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I love this game.

Oh man, those blood trails on the hull of the ship... So gruesome, but so well-executed. Impressive entry overall!

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Thanks for the kind words!

Love it! Great voice acting, too!

Thank you! I will pass the compliment on :)

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*nods* this is the best possible use of that cover image.

The soundtracks plus the cartoon voices make the game.

The commander's voice (acting, effect and volume) could use some work but is a great start. :)


Thank you very much for your thoughts and the gameplay video! Glad you had fun :)

You're absolutely right about the voices, additionally there's so much i would've loved to polish but we basically only had a weekend to spare.

so far, i havent figured out anything besides dropping people into the jets ;-;

This is the rather childish but main game mechanic, so you got it all :)

Jets get destroyed by dropping 10 troopers into them, planes are brought down by destroying all there jets.

Oh ok... yeah just figured it out because i wasn't listening to the audio, so didnt know what to do xD

if i get time, i'll post some gameplay of it... my channel is so you can check it out anytime you want :)

I already did : Thx for playing and commenting!